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"It is required
you do awake
your faith..."

You're Invited


A Casual Communal Reading of

The Winter's Tale

by William Shakespeare

During this busy holiday season, a group of talented actors of all ages and experience levels have graciously offered their time & talents to come together and read my favorite play in the classical canon within the magical realm of Zoom.

The purpose of this event is not to present something polished, but to offer seasoned and novice performers alike
the chance to say these immortal words. This is a low-stakes introduction to an incredible piece of classical theatre. And
for some, this is their opportunity to try Shakespeare for the very first time.

Theatre as an artistic cycle is not complete without sharing it with an audience, so please feel free to join us as we read this play out loud for the very first time all together as a group!




Sunday December 10th

6:00pm Eastern Time               
(3:00pm Pacific / 5:00pm Central)

"House Open" at 5:45pm



Zoom Link:​


Please join the meeting 15 mins before start time to ensure that all of your tech is working & so we can begin promptly and end in a timely manner.

I will keep you in the "waiting room" until we are ready to let you inside our digital venue.


Once we all say hello to you at the top of the reading, invited family and friends will turn off their Zoom cameras, set microphones on mute, and enjoy watching this dynamic story unfold.

There will be a small 5-10 minute break in the middle to allow for stretching of legs and bathroom breaks, just like in a theater.

Afterwards, we will be excited to invite you to turn your cameras & mics back on so that we can thank you for coming and hear anything you'd like to say to the actors after the performance.



This script is highly abridged (i.e. cut down) to be respectful of everyone's precious time during the holiday season. There has also been narration added to ensure as much clarity as possible.

Since we've never read it out loud, I cannot be sure of the length of this event, but I estimate it taking no longer than 2 hours once we've started the play.


You're in luck! This play is a comedy AND a tragedy!!!
(I know. It's the best.)

Technically it's known as a Romance, because it goes through the rollercoaster of some of the finest ups and downs in the canon, and then wraps up nicely at the end with a bit of... magic?


Location: SICILIA

The first half of this story is poetically devastating, as a husband has convinced himself that his pregnant wife has been unfaithful. He flies into a heartbreaking rage that thrusts the kingdom into chaos, then grief. Amidst other tragic events, the accused queen gives birth to a baby daughter and her king banishes their child to a remote island to be left there to its fate.

Location: BOHEMIA

The second half of the story
 16 years into the future. That forsaken baby has grown up to be a beautiful young woman! She was raised by a sweet old shepherd that found her that fateful night, and now she's the vibrant, happy host of the annual country festival surrounded by adorable sheep and her soon-to-be-betrothed love. This sheep-shearing event, plus a tricksy and fun conman making mischief throughout the land, gives us plenty of lightness after the tough moments of the previous court.


Shelby Lewis

Glenn Schudel

Michael Liebhauser

Kat Hickey

Carolynn Stouder

Liz Lodato

David Montee

Ruddy Jameson

Deborah Schlosser

Daisy Hickey

Gracyn Dunavant

Eva Richey

Parker Hickey


Paulina / Autolycus / etc.     (+ Text Coach)

Camillo                                  (+ Text Coach)






Shepherd's Son

Time / Dorcas


Florizell / Servant

Perdita / Emilia

Mamillius / Kid

Looking forward to having you join us!


"Exit... pursued by a bear."

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