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Elegy for Anne Frank
Elegy for Anne Frank

Fort Wayne Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Violins of Hope Concert, Music by Lukas Foss, Filmed for PBS

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Elegy for Anne Frank
Elegy for Anne Frank

Fort Wayne Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Violins of Hope Concert, Music by Lukas Foss, Filmed for PBS

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As a narrator with orchestra, Shelby Lewis adds a fresh and interesting dimension to the orchestral landscape. Her portrayal of Anne Frank in the Elegy for Anne Frank by
Lukas Foss was phenomenal, a haunting representation of the historic character.

I have worked with numerous professional actors from around the world and am certain that Shelby’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication to her art are among
the best in the business.


        Troy Webdell

        Director of Youth Orchestras, Fort Wayne Philharmonic

        Music Director, South Shore Orchestra 

        Music Director, Purdue University Fort Wayne Orchestras

        Music Director, American Confucian Arts

Fort Wayne Philharmonic​​
Fort Wayne PHIL Youth Orchestra

Over the last few years I have had the great pleasure both to work with Shelby as a narrator with orchestra and to encourage her engagement for events I am not conducting by the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, including classical subscription concerts and family concerts.


Shelby speaks with great clarity and has considerable stage presence and poise. I have worked with many narrators from Oscar winning actors to TV presenters in my role as an orchestral conductor throughout the world. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Shelby Lewis for similar performance opportunities.


        Andrew Constantine

        Music Director, Fort Wayne Philharmonic 

        Music Director, Reading Symphony Orchestra 

In these one rehearsal type situations, I have found her exceptionally well prepared and professional, adding an extra layer of richness to our concert offerings. I have many patrons mention that having her storytelling 
on stage with us was the highlight of their concert experience.


During our December, we continue to hire Shelby to serve as the director for our annual Holiday Pops performances. These shows are extremely important to our community, and our organization, as a whole. She handles these complex shows with aplomb. As a conductor, it’s extremely gratifying to entrust the operational component to someone like Shelby, allowing me to purely focus on the music.

I cannot recommend Shelby Lewis highly enough as a performer and a director. She has been a vital asset to the Philharmonic these past three seasons.

        Caleb Young

        Associate Conductor, Fort Wayne Philharmonic  


A Midsummer Night's Dream
Text by William Shakespeare

The Carnival of the Animals
Text by Peter Schickele

The Story of Babar, the Little Elephant
Text by Jean de Brunhoff

Casey at the Bat
Text by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

The Lonely Ski Trail
Text by Bertel Gripenberg

Elegy for Anne Frank
Text from The Diary of Anne Frank
Peter Pan Suite
Text by J.M. Barrie and Virginia Russell

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