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Why Mary Kay

When COVID-19 hit our world and our lives, I was one of many artists that lost employment. While steeping in quarantine, I took time to be grateful, to push through fear of the unknown, and to reflect on my values and ensure that my goals were in service of those values. That reflection turned me once again to Mary Kay.

I had been a consultant before. Back in my college days, I joined Mary Kay to get the 50% discount on their spa level products and make some extra money while I was a full time student. It was a fun, flexible, lucrative, and carefree side job that I always considered returning to. Though I have become increasingly interested in makeup of late, I was always much more passionate about skin care. To become comfortable in your own skin is what I have trained a lifetime for as an actor and educator. The opportunity to bless other women with that gift is why I became a consultant again and why I love being a part of this company.

For me, my Mary Kay business has always been a source of joy and connection.
And what a perfect endeavor to dive into, inspired by a time of isolation.

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The Opportunity

In Mary Kay, there is endless earning potential. Period.

Some join to earn a little money on the side and to get the 50% discount.
Some are interested in earning a free car. It's true, you can! My mentor earned hers in 6 weeks.
Some have a deep desire to change their own life and the lives of countless women who deserve to create their own legacy.

Here are some of the Mary Kay millionaires that I look up to. They say all of this much better than I can.

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"Magic Happens"

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Gloria Mayfield Banks
#1 Elite Executive National Sales Director in Mary Kay
Video: "Afraid to Sell? Don't be. It is NOT Annoying."

Official Website:

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Leah Lauchlan
Video: "If You Only Had One Shot..."

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There are endless success stories within Mary Kay.

It's not a get rich quick scheme. But, with hard work and a positive attitude, it's a get rich pretty quick!
And you are guided and encouraged and celebrated every step of the way. 

If you'd like more information about joining Mary Kay, being on my team, and becoming a part of my mentor's Million Dollar Unit,
contact me! It only takes $100 to join with a Starter Kit (below) or $30 for an eStart if you'd like to start instead with a personalized Mary Kay website.

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Why Royalty

There is magic in this world. And we all have the chance to seize and wield it. To "embrace your royalty" means to honor and nurture that sparkle within that makes you unique and essential.

One of my favorite quotes is by fantasy writer C.S. Lewis:

"Only Giants Will Do."

When we dream, we often do not allow ourselves to dream fully.
Think of what would be possible if we allowed our imaginations to stretch with joyful abandon. As if we were the progeny of kings, and an entire enchanted world was at our disposal. What would you do if you knew you would succeed? Thrive? Flourish even? When you hope and fantasize, 
allow the largest capacity you can muster and see what happens. The only way to guarantee that your large dream never happens is to never let it out to play. Don't dream small. Only giants will do.

In order to embrace our dreams, we need to feel that magic with each step. No need to be a damsel in any kind of distress. You are a princess. A queen. A dragon, in fact.

The skin care and spa products form Mary Kay make me feel regal every day. If you could use a little of that self-care as well, I would love to guide you through what each of these special products offers towards your own personal goals. It would be an honor to help you take on the world with genuine confidence and light.

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In Case You Don't Know Me

Hello! I'm Shelby. I am a Theatre Artist. I act, direct, teach, devise, coach, consult, and intentionally use my skills in public speaking, physical expression, and emotional exploration to enrich the lives of others in whatever setting I am able.

Aaaand I'm a huge nerd: Dungeons & Dragons, Renaissance Faires, Shakespeare, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and afternoon tea. So much tea.
I'm also a Disney devotee. I worked at Walt Disney World for two summers, and now perform locally as Elsa for Your Party Princess. My work with this incredible company is where I finally became comfortable with basic makeup techniques. 
I also started seeing how a little dash of femininity and self-care can really change someone's life.

7 Things That May Surprise You:

  • When I first put on full glamour makeup... I cried. A lot. 

    It was so vulnerable for me to finally learn how to do makeup -- as if I felt guilty somehow that I hadn't learned it earlier. The first time I did full "princess" makeup, it took me two hours. Now it takes 40 minutes.
    And my normal "daytime" look only takes 10 minutes max. With practice comes confidence & skill. It went from something I feared to something I love!


  • I also do Voiceover! I have several titles on (audiobooks) and do TV/Radio commercials, narration for corporate videos, and "on hold" menus for places like CVS.

  • I lived in Paris for four months. C'est vrai! It was during my study abroad in college, and I attended an avant-garde voice and choreographic theatre program that forever expanded me as an artist and a human. I also lived in Pittsburgh for 4 years, Los Angeles for 6 years, and New York for 1 year. Originally, I am from Traverse City, Michigan. Thus, I love cherries and snow.

  • I'm a #newHoosier. I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 2018.

    And I'm kind of obsessed. The community is generous, the arts scene is vibrant, and the restaurants are some of the best I've ever been to.

  • My boyfriend plays the oboe in a full-time professional orchestra. We met while teaching at the same international arts camp and it has been a treat to regularly attend orchestra concerts since we've been together. What a transcendent, classy, and unique experience. Once the pandemic lifts, if you're local to Fort Wayne, please feel free to contact me for tickets.

  • Every year, I perform in the Interlochen Shakespeare Festival. In our 2019 production of Richard III, I played Richmond (the good guy who defeats the bad guy) and I got to do a sword fight! I KNOW. I felt super cool and often terrified, but it was one of the best experiences I've ever had onstage.

  • Disability advocacy in the arts is extremely important to me. I believe everyone has something to express and deserves the spotlight to tell their own unique story. For my Master of Arts in Theatre Education, I wrote a thesis on disability inclusion, accessibility, and representation in theatre production. And for the 2019 holiday season, I directed A Christmas Carol with a cast of 60 adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. They were FABULOUS.

Shakespeare Quotes - Pleasure and Action
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^ Me playing D&D like a nerd on Zoom during social distancing

It is my greatest joy and consistent calling to facilitate moments of empowerment.

I live for the times I hear my students, my cast members, and even my family & friends say:

" I didn't know I could do that. "

Or, as Elsa puts it, " I never knew what I was capable of. "

Contact me anytime to let me know how I can help you to feel beautiful, vibrant, and ready to take the stage.

Looking forward to being a part of your journey to

Embrace Your Royalty

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