Rehearsals for "Alice"
Rehearsals for "Alice"

Interlochen Arts Camp | High School Repertory Theatre Program | Associate Director

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Rehearsals for "Of Green Gables"
Rehearsals for "Of Green Gables"

Original Devised Production | Interlochen Arts Academy | Directing Residency with Parallel 45 Theatre

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Rehearsals for "Alice"
Rehearsals for "Alice"

Interlochen Arts Camp | High School Repertory Theatre Program | Associate Director

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Rehearsals for "Alice"
Rehearsals for "Alice"

Interlochen Arts Camp | High School Repertory Theatre Program | Associate Director

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Interlochen Arts Academy
Interlochen Arts Camp
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
Fort Wayne Youtheatre
Roy Hart
Choreographic Theatre
Audition Technique
Accents & Dialects
Disability Inclusion & Accessibility
Theatre Program Director | Life Adult Day Academy
Sensory Friendly Performance Consultant | Fort Wayne Youtheatre
Theatre Instructor | The Jesters Disability Performance Program
Drama Therapy Assistant | Down Syndrome Association of Orange County

30 or 60 minute Private Lessons
Via Zoom or (when safe) In Person
College/Industry Monologue Selection 
Audition Preparation
Parallel 45 Theatre
Interlochen Shakespeare Festival
Carnegie Mellon School of Drama | B.F.A. Acting
University of Northern Colorado | M.A. Theatre Education
Interlochen Arts Academy | Theatre Arts
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Creating new works of theatre through autonomy, empowerment, and generosity
Transforming classic stories or current events into modern reflections
Maintaining a safe space in which to take risks
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The body & voice as scene partners, unlocking unprecedented performance potential
Learning what it means to be generous to the ensemble on and off stage
Dynamic movement, choreographic theatre, and physical dramaturgy as potent tools
"If you can do Shakespeare, you can do anything"
The discipline & athleticism necessary for poetic imagery
The thrill of understanding and having ownership over classical texts
Conscious commitment to consistently being a student
Putting oneself in the vulnerability of a classroom for greater empathy with students
Exposure to new perspectives and innovative tools to inform future work
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Devising Vulnerability:
Interlochen, Parallel 45 Partner to Help Students Create
"Of Green Gables"

“It’s really a hard thing to explain, because it is magical and happens in the room,” Ivy said of devising. Ivy plays the author, Maud — officially Lucy Maud Montgomery.


Cast members had to learn how to be vulnerable in front of each other and “put our hearts out to our work,” said Caroline Bowers, a junior playing Anne Shirley in “Of Green Gables.”


“We went from not really knowing each other to now we are more vulnerable than ever.”

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Solving Shakespeare Stagefright:
Actress Shelby Lewis Breaks Down The Bard

“Shelby is very, very versed in Shakespeare. She understands the text, she understands the movement — she just understands the spirit of Shakespeare. It’s not everyone that can really bring that to life on a stage,” said Leo, who will be “Midsummer’s” assistant director. “She can see the same text from five different angles and go either way with any of it. I’m having a lot of fun collaborating with her and bringing this vision to stage.”

“She’s just a great director,” [former cast member] Martin said. “Every time she gives you a note, there’s an element of teaching. She always knows what to say to make you understand.”


“That’s what I’m trying to convey to this class — how inviting (Shakespeare) can be,” Lewis said. “It’s the most beautiful way to express humanity that I’ve ever come across.

"Of Green Gables" Marks First Joint Production
of Parallel 45 and Interlochen Center for the Arts

 "Our students have benefited tremendously from working closely with Shelby Lewis and also draw inspiration from the multifaceted trajectory she followed after graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy," said William Church, director of theatre at Interlochen.


"Interlochen is the perfect environment for the creativity, openness, and courage it takes to devise new work," said Lewis. "This group of teenage students had never read Anne of Green Gables, nor seen any of the many adaptations. It was a true gift to see the story through their modern-day eyes. It affirmed the timeless connection of Anne's sweet and stubborn positivity to people of all ages."

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"I made Anne real..."
Maud, Of Green Gables